5 Password Security Tips

Cybercrime is one of the most talked about issues nowadays especially now that the technology and digital world have been fast-evolving and advancing. If we want our digital life to be safe, let’s make sure na we’re secured and protected. Hindi tayo exempted sa mga mata at kamay ng mga cybercriminals so let’s be more aware of the things we need to do to make our digital accounts more secure and far from digital attacks.

Marahil marami sa atin ay may kani-kaniyang social media accounts mapa sa Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. And I know karamihan din sa atin ay merong kani-kaniyang bank accounts at e-mails. Pero pano ba tayo nakakasigurado na safe ang mga accounts natin sa ibat-ibang platforms? Ok, let me share something. One of the best way is to be aware of the so-called “Password Security”, or the things you need to know that will give you pointers on how you can secure your password against guessing and brute-force attacks. And the following are the tips regarding password security:


Hackers have their own way of cracking your account. At kung madali at maikli ang password na nilagay mo sa kahit anong account na meron ka, it will be easy for them to guess it. The longer and more complex your password is, the longer process it will take for them to hack your account and there’s a high chance na hindi nila mabuksan no matter how hard they try. But make sure na kabisa mo ang nilagay mong password kahit gano pa yan kahaba, baka mamaya pati ikaw hindi mo na rin mabuksan ang sarili mong account dahil hindi mo nakabisa at nakalimutan mo na pala.


One way of making your password secure is by including symbols and numbers in it. This will make your password more unique at hindi sya madaling mahuhulaan ninoman. You can also apply lowercase and uppercase sa mga letters, if your password is a phrase you can use capitalized letters at the beginning of the word.


Using an obvious password that came from your personal information will surely make it easy for cyberhackers to get into your account. Avoid using your name, birth date, nickname, and other basic personal details as your digital password. None of those are safe. Better if you use nonsensical phrases. Mas mahirap hulaan, mas ligtas.


You have to be the only one who should know your password. Don’t pass it onto others or else it might put you at risk. It’s ok to share anything you have but please put your password on your exemption list. It’s not something you need to share.


We do regular check-ups to make sure na healthy tayo physically, which also implies our passwords. We need to change them regularly as much as we can. The more sensitive your information is, the more you need to change your password. And once na napalitan mo na, don’t use that password again for a long time.

Hackers will continue doing cybercrimes no matter how hard we try securing our accounts but being wise and smart about cybersecurity will avoid us from being their target. Maraming paraan kung paano mo mapapangalagaan ang seguridad ng account mo, hindi lang yan natatapos sa paggawa ng strong and unique password. Mas maigi na ang aware tayo sa mga online security tips para maiwasan nating maging biktima ng ibat ibang uri ng cybercrimes. Make sure to follow these tips to have your accounts safe and secured.