6 useful money-saving tips for learn-at-home students

Saving money, lalo na for students is easier said than done. Kahit habang nasa bahay lang, there are many temptations here and there to splurge, tulad ng pag order ng food at online shopping. There are, however, simple money-saving tips para maiwasan itong mga tempting desires and pave the way toward financial success even while learning from home.


Say no to impulse purchases

Isang katutak na self-control ang kailangan to say no to impulse buying. Ang mga impulse purchases ay resulta ng brand’s strategies tickling your desire for a particular item. Ito ay maaaring dahil sa price, the packaging, the promo, or something else. Maging ano man iyan, do everything in your power to bid these desires goodbye. Focus on saving money, not spending.


Cook instead of ordering food online

May mga araw when food cravings just spring out of nowhere. Minsan, it can be too tempting para i-open ang delivery app and order food. But — hold that thought. Wala namang masama with ordering food from time to time, pero kung gagawin ito ng madalas can hurt your budget. Isipin ang delivery fees, and how much you could have saved kung ikaw nalang ang nagluto ng iyong meal on those days. Remember, delaying gratification can have wonderful repercussions.


Cut-down unnecessary subscriptions

Content consumption amid the global health crisis has gone up and is steadily rising. Ang mga tao ay humahanap ng paraan to “escape” and at least have a semblance of the life they had bago nagpandemic. However, this need could also be costing you too much. Gumawa ng isang wise decision of choosing only the streaming app or apps you use on a daily basis and cancel the subscription on the nice-to-have apps. Medyo masakit, but with the savings, you’re not going to regret it.


Get rid of online shopping apps

There’s no point in denying that online shopping ay parang naging therapy for many people amid the pandemic. Ang kagustuhan mo to spruce up the house and create a conducive workspace led to this irresistible need to add something to the “cart” every now and then. Nangangailangan ng skill and a lot of willpower para maiwasan mo ang pag-click ng “Check Out” button. But what works best to cut back on your expenses is to uninstall these apps. Tulad ng iyong mga subscriptions, retain the essential apps.


Be on the lookout for discounts

There are many establishments where discounts await. Tulad sa mga online shops mayroong Pay Day sales, as well as seasonal promos, ang mga kailangan mong subaybayan. Availing of these discounts gives you great savings for the things you need to purchase.


Start saving money

There’s no other way to say it — just start saving money. Dive right into it. Wala namang masama with starting small as long as inumpisahan mo na itong gawin. Para gawing madali ang proseso, turn to technology. A mobile wallet tulad ng PalawanPay will help reduce the stress of saving money. Plus, using the mobile wallet app is simple, easy, and convenient.


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