How Cashless Payment Benefits Both Consumers and Merchants

Marami na ang tumatangkilik sa cashless method of payment, mapa consumer man or merchants. Pero ano nga ba ang meron sa cashless payment, at bakit goods na goods ito sa mga seller as well as sa mga buyers? And of course, cashless transactions will be made easier with the help of PalawanPay!

  1. Safe Transactions!

Carrying cash has the disadvantage of making the holder an easy target for criminals. When you use e-wallet to pay for the necessities that you bought, hindi mo na kailanngang magdala ng maraming pera na maaaring magdulot ng bigger risk for theft. And if you are using PalawanPay app, you just have to scan the QR code to pay for your groceries, or anything na pinamili mo.  Ang maganda pa rito ay automatically recorded ang mga cashless transactions so you will be easily get track of your spendings kaya makikita mo agad if there’s something wrong or may nag reflect na hindi mo naman ginastos to report the concern to your e-wallet customer service right away.

  1. With Cashless Payment, Hindi kana Ma-hahaggard!

One of the reasons din why patok na patok ang cashless payment ay dahil mabilis ang transactions dito, at hassle free! According to Tender Greens and Sweetgreen, wherein they are both salad companies, have seen comparable advantages to becoming cashless: Tender Greens estimates that cash transactions take four to five seconds longer than card transactions. This benefits both the seller and the customer in the sense that they save time when using cashless payment methods, especially when there are huge queues during sales. Aside from that, you can also use the cashless method when buying online, which is more convenient compare sa pagpunta sa physical stores mismo. With PalawanPay, you can easily send your payment to your seller with just a few clicks on your phone, nice di’ba?


  1. Mas maraming chance of discounts sa cashless payments!

Siguro nature na sa ating mga Pinoy ang pagkahilig sa discounts, and with cashless method of payment, discounts na mismo ang lalapit sayo! There are online shops that give more discounts when the transaction is cashless. This is beneficial to both the consumer and the seller since it allows the buyer to save money, and it allows the seller who accepts cashback and coupons for their products online with cashless payment to increase the likelihood that the buyer will purchase from that shop again

Mapa seller ka man or buyer, cashless payment is indeed a game-changer. For it is fast, and convenient, and this will ensure your money and your safety as well, so ano pang hinihintay mo? Go cashless payment na! and consider PalawanPay as your e-wallet for a better experience!