How to protect your Personal Information

Mapapakanta ka na lang talaga ng “Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin..wag lang…” kapag pati personal information mo e kinuha na rin sayo. Nako, mga suki tala  mak na ngayon ang mga cases related to identity theft! Scammers na gagamitin personal information nyo to commit illegal offenses and transactions. They can even stole your money kung hindi kayo mag iingat! And if ever na naging victim kayo or May kakilala kayo na naging target ng gantong uri ng scam, i just want you to know na meron tayong batas against this crime. The Data Privacy Act of 2012. This law will help protect the fundamental human rights of privacy.


Bukod sa Data Protection or Data Privacy Act. Do you want some TIPS on how you can protect your personal information? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Please, we are encouraging you to follow these tips. Remember, keeping your personal information safe is one way of loving yourself.


Create a strong and unpredictable password

Pwede kayo mag isip ng mga words and numbers that cybercriminals couldn’t easily figure out. Once na nabuksan nila account mo dahil mas strong pa yung relasyon nila kesa sa password ng account mo, e lagot ka. Joke lang. Need mo ng strong password, much better kung unique at syempre ikaw lang dapat nakakaalam.


Refrain from sharing info on social media

We use social media for entertainment and some use it to share their thoughts about something, but please do not overshare your information on social media. Being private is also one of the best ways to avoid being a victim of identity theft.


Think before opening the links

Pwede na makuha ang personal details mo once na na-click mo ang isang fake link or attachment. So be careful. Scammers are very sneaky. They will lure you just to get what they want from you.


Security Check

Make sure na secure ang site na paglalagyan nyo ng personal information nyo. You know when the site is secured when it has a lock icon and the URL begins with “HTTPS”.


Consider additional protection

You can install antivirus or antispyware software for additional protection. These will help you secure your personal information.


If you’re able to follow these tips, then your personal information will be just fine and safe. But regardless, we still need a reliable data protection online para maiwasan ang anumang scams na pwedeng mangyare. Prevention is better than cure. Maging matalino, wais at ligtas palagi!