Stress-free Financial Management Tips

You’re worried because di mo alam paano i-manage ang iyong money? Don’t worry, PalawanPay has your back! Ang Palawanpay ay ang brand-new e-wallet from Palawan Pawnshop Palawan Express Padala na kaya kang i-assist with all of your financial needs! Bukod pa dun, this application may help you manage your finances without worry, ganern!

At its most basic level, ang financial stress ay nag-ge-generate mula sa discrepancy sa pagitan ng money you spend and the money you earn. Kapag ang mga bayarin at home are out of control, financial management becomes difficult, sobrang hirap. Kailangang pag-isipan ng tao how they should spend their money properly para makaiwas sa debts and a shortage of money for a month. Madali lang ding i-track ang iyong expenses with PalawanPay App without going outdoors. Using an e-wallet like PalawanPay, it will allow you to get the most out of your money. However, dapat pa ding i-consider kung how much money you will cash-in. Para maiwasan ang overspending, only enter the precise amount you require in your e-wallet. Ang kaugalian na ‘to will help you balance your needs and wants, allowing you to save ng mas maraming money while meeting all of your demands in the future.

Maaari mo din gamitin ang budget rule of 50 percent -30 percent -20 percent. Kung saan half ng income mo is set aside for necessities such as rent, bills, groceries, insurance, at iba pang utilities. If your needs exceed your income, warning na ‘yon that you need to reduce or downsize your lifestyle para maiwasan ang financial difficulties. On the other side, 30% of your income ay para sa iyong wants, which include going out to dinner and panonood ng movie, pagbili ng new gadget, taking a trip, and other non-essential but pleasurable activities. Finally, 20% goes to savings, which includes money put into an emergency fund. Kailangan laging isipin ang pangangailangan at magtabi para sa savings at the end of the day as responsible spenders.