Top Investments Worth Keeping

Ang necessities ng tao ay food, clothing, shelter, and taxes. Paulit-ulit na sinasabi sa atin, like all the time. Pero mayroon pa ding nagsa-struggle sa pag-fulfill ng mga ito. Mas inuuna pa ng iba ang pagkain sa labas, drive new cars or earning for an expensive vacation. A mindset or lifestyle na namumunit ng ating mga bulsa. They do not know how to save money. If you’re reading this and you felt hurt or guilty, don’t worry, hindi pa huli ang lahat. You still have a chance to change your lifestyle and save money. So, narito ang top investments worth keeping:


Ownership Investments.

Ang ownership investments ay mga assets that are purchased or owned by the investor. Una dito ang stocks (share of ownership in a company) o ang pagiging shareholder o stockholder. Stocks help you earn dividends in return, and it has been proven to be one of the best ways to grow long-term wealth. Pangalawa, real estate, na isa din sa mga best ways to grow long-term investments where you can invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. Lastly, owning a business. Medyo risky nga lang ito because of the financial and marketing risks but it can also be a very successful business lalo na kung nakuha mo ang kiliti ng panahon or the generation.


Lending Investments.

Dito naman you’re like a bank na pinapautang ang bank. You’ll invest a great or minimum amount of money to your savings account or other types of bank accounts. Sa ganitong paraan, your money will grow an interest (let’s say 3%) na ibabalik sayo ng bank depende sa inflation rate ng economy. If you’ll imagine, parang ito ang pinaka-easy investment, because alam mo na in advance ang ibabalik or ibabayad sayo. But it’s not. If we’ll analyze it, your money will grow slowly to achieve your financial goal. 


If you’re an artist at mayroon kang collections, you may also make it as an investment. Hintayin mo ang tamang panahon when their value gets higher and if you’re ready and decided pwede mo silang ibenta. Saving money and investment are different words. Saving money is to keep your money safe but with investing, your money grows. Let your money grow para ma-fulfill ang iyong financial goal. Do it for yourself, your family, your children, and your dreams. Let’s avoid regret before we get old.