Types of Internet Fraud Scams

RED FLAG ALERT! Hindi lang pala toxic relationship ang may issue sa pangloloko pati sa internet pwede narin sya mangyare. SO BE MORE AWARE dahil RED FLAG YAN! Mali kung sa maling tao ka mapupunta, pero mas mali kung sa ibang tao lang mapupunta yung pinaghirapan mong pera! Iniiwasan yung ganyan mga suki! We shouldn’t be complacent dahil kahit sa online world nakapasok na ang mga taong nagwawagayway ng red flags! Ibig sabihin, kahit sa internet ay pwede na tayo maloko at mabiktima ng ibat ibang uri ng fraud scams. And we do not want that thing to happen, right? Of course, sino ba naman satin ang may gustong maging target ng internet scammers lalo na ngayon na alam nilang most of the people preferred using internet to create online transactions. And if you are one of those loyal users of online money apps, it is much better if ngayon palang may idea na kayo about the different types of internet fraud scams and how we can avoid being a victim of them.


Internet scams or most likely called cybercrimes are the different methodologies of Fraud done online. It is the use of the internet or computer as an instrument to commit illegal offenses. But thankfully, our country has its law regarding this matter, but still, we need to be mindful that there are still crimes happening online regardless of the law against it. And with that, here are the most common types of internet fraud scams that you need to be aware of.

Phishing – it is when the cybercriminal uses emails encouraging you to visit fake websites where you are asked to put your personal, confidential, and even financial information. Some use threats so the victim has no other option but to immediately log in.

  • You should never reply to emails that require you to log in to your personal information most especially kung hindi ka naman pamilyar sa user ng email.


Identify theft – Hindi lang personal na gamit mo ang pwedeng manakaw, hindi lang wallet, cellphone or accessories even your personal information can be stolen away from you. Identify theft is when someone stole your personal information in order to commit fraud.

  • Keep your personal information secure, do not share it with others. This will help you avoid being a victim of identity theft.


Vishing – One of the most common frauds you will come across. Scammers will send you spam messages or they can directly call you through your phone number attempting na makuha ang interes at atensyon nyo. Once na nahook kayo sa scamming technique nila, they can easily get your personal, confidential, and even financial details without you knowing na na-scam ka na pala.

  • If ever something similar like this happens to you, please do not trust any of their offers; it’s actually a SCAM.  Don’t let your personal details be taken away from you.


Money Mule – these are persons who are recruited to lend their bank accounts to receive cash deposits/online transfers from illegal sources, they will ask you to help them with something like charity donations and such. Well, HINDI yon TOTOO. Money mules can also be those who are aware or, in certain cases, unaware that they’re helping criminal organizations launder their illicit profits.

  • Do not negotiate, better not receive or send money to people you don’t know or you haven’t met in person.

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